Promo image for 500 Nights Of Winter. Gene Phoa is pictured in medium close up smilinmg and gazing upwards against the background of a twilight sky. Icons arch around his head denoting ideas of music and love amongst other things.

500 Nights Of Winter – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021

Tickets have sold out for Gene’s Fringe debut show, featured live at Blackbox Theatres for Adelaide Fringe, and streaming live for those who have purchased tickets to view online.

Gene took time to chat to me about the show, the story behind it and the events that led to him creating a cabaret performance for his debut as a performer at Adelaide Fringe 2021.

Following his passion for music, Gene made a move away from marketing to performance, which already looks set for success.

Have a listen to our chat now on That Entertainment Podcast

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