Adelaide Short Play Festival – Adelaide Fringe Festival 2021

Never heard of a festival within a festival? Like the sweet surprise of opening a Babushka doll, Adelaide Short Play Festival is returning to Adelaide Fringe Festival this year after their runaway success in 2020.

Scott Russell Hill is behind the show, having written four of the pieces and directed the entire show, explaining this year’s lineup features new material and the return of some crowd favourites from 2020.

The additional challenge of COVID-19 has meant the cast have been rehearsing via Skype in preparation for the season, meeting face to face at Fulham Community Centre just last week, where the show will open in March.

The show promises to deliver a mixture of laughs and poignant moments, exploring the unique and sometimes awkward ways we respond to different situations, including a funeral and a date that doesn’t quite present as planned.

Listen to Andy’s interview with Scott now!

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